Sunday, March 13, 2011

Memory Lane

After 24 years of living in the same house we have decided to move!  And boy do we have a lot of stuff!!! Twenty-four years of just 'putting it away' in the attic (hoarding)... It is not pretty!

 Most of the stuff we pull out of the attic I question why it ever went in there!!#!#@!! But tonight we came across some gems and I just have to share. . .

                                    This is where I got my start! 

I remember getting this miniature sewing machine for Christmas when I was either in grade 1 or 2 (the mid- sixties) from my Aunt Mollie.  I even have the accessories in a bag that I must have made out of the leg from a pair of my Dad's pyjama pants! 

How cute it that?
Does it look familiar to anyone else?


Poppyprint said...

Adorable!!! Have you seen Carola's daughter's toy sewing machine collection at her shop in Sechelt? I have another friend with a collection, but I don't know anyone with their very own 'original'. How fun to find that and remember!

Good luck with your move - sounds a bit daunting, for sure.

Poppyprint said...

Hey Heather,
It's the Seymour Art Gallery right in Deep Cove.

celine said...

wouaw !!!
A great found !! good luck for your big cleaning !!

Perri said...

Your first machine ... a lovely treasure to have ... it would bring back lovely memories.
Happy sorting and packing :-)
Happy stitching, P