Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

                             This guy is sitting at our front door, but only for a couple more days!

                         As we are not having our Easter dinner until tomorrow, I was able to turn our
                               kitchen into a quilting studio (again) and enjoy working on this...

                                          What fun to work on such a quick and easy project! 
                                   Now I can make a sandwich and get busy with the hand quilting.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

free time to blog again!

Since my last posting, we listed and sold our home of 24 years!  We had been preparing for this event for quite some time but it was still both incredibly exciting and nerve-racking.

Not having to worry about "Open Houses" anymore, I can now have all of my sewing 'stuff' back out in plain sight and get on with the fun:

                                      I sent this quilt to my daughter in Halifax and she then sent the
                                       following photo, showing that the quilt meets Cali's approval!


I also had a chance to get back to this project and almost complete it.

(I still plan to embroider a 'wire' under the birds' legs)