Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Big Day!

       Our eldest daughter got married on July 8 and she and I worked together, using our sewing skills ....

                          We decided to make luggage tags as 'take-away' name cards for the tables.

                    Robyn chose two colours of vinyl, as well as some clear plastic to form the 'window':

It was a very small wedding with less than 50 people but  many of the guests arrived from destinations such as Colombia, Switzerland, Australia, China, as well as from several spots within Canada (Halifax, Toronto, Nanaimo and Parksville).


Grethe said...

Congratulations on your daughter. I am sure you all had a lovely time:-) must have been a rather big arrangment!!
Great idea with the tags, looks lovely.

Unknown said...

congratulations !
You must be in boxes now ?!

Thank you for the com on my blog.

Summer is busy, my parents just left and my sister in law arrived.
Thomas loose his two front teeth, he's so proud of it, he just keep smiling !
Erika made new arts !

i hope you have a great summer, have a good moving !
see you on the island !